My 2018 New Years Resolutions

Setting goals and resolutions in 2018 couldn’t be easier with my last post.

Over the past few weeks I’ve seen countless posts about how 2017 was the worst year in people’s entire existence but fortunately that wasn’t the case for me. Call me lucky I guess. I had an abundance of happiness in 2017 and my life was one big adventure. I travelled far and wide from Amsterdam to Cambodia, Vietnam to Berlin. The world was my oyster. Like any year I had my ups and downs and so after reflecting on last year I’ve set these goals and resolutions to help me get that one step closer to my dream.

2018 Resolutions

Drink more water

Water is the best thing for your body and even with knowing this I still don’t  drink enough of it. My ideal aim is 3 litres a day – I’ll be pissing for Britain in no time.

Wake up earlier

I’m the worst when it comes to sleeping. Like water, I never get enough of the crucial z’s. Due to the nature of my course I need to be energised  day and an active participator at all time throughout my day and in the last year I’ve found that sometimes my sleep patterns have prohibited me from doing so.

But no more, this year I’m going to make it a personal aim to be in bed by 11pm each night hoping to get that to 10:30pm by June. This means that I can wake up earlier and get a more proficient morning routine from 6:30am onwards. I’ve figured out that my body responds best to 7/7.5 hours sleep each night.


After losing a lot of weight when travelling I went on a bit of a gain phase and it worked out really well up until my show when I lost the weight again. But on the plus side I still didn’t fall back to the weight I used to be. So this year I’m going to be prioritising my meals further. I’m going to make a conscious effort to not skip breakfast due to lack of time.

Live simpler

2017 was a year of impulsive buys and while I do believe in treating myself every now and then, I did take it to the extremes last year. It’s even the 3 costa coffees I’d have each week at lunch. They can be left in 2017. Instead, I will limit my costa spending and drink tea because let’s face it tea is better anyways. I will also be using Yolt to keep track of my finances this year.


I usually take 2 but this ones more for my health.


To be quite honest with you I’m aabsolutely sick of the headaches I get after a drunken night out. It’s lead me to be counter productive on my weekends and I just can’t be bothered feeling grim anymore. So I’ve decided to give my liver a detox and a well-earned break from alcohol for the foreseeable future.

Make time for reading

With my busy schedule I find it hard to read as much as I would like to. However I’m at my most contented ness when I’m reading and the joy of turning a page or getting to the end of a chapter is what I live for. So I’m setting myself a challenge: I want to read at least 1 book every 3 months. That way I have plenty of time to read and possibly even more dependent on my schedule.

relearn spanish

I’ve been meaning to do this for quite some time now. I love the language and I’d love to be able to say ‘I know spanish’ or converse fluently. It’s just something I’m keen on.

Gym more

I’ve got my membership and I do use it, I’d just like to use it more often in order to reach my own body goals. In case you’re womdering that’s over 10 stone, fit, strong and healthy.

Finish writing my play

I started writing a play and I’m eager to finish it this year. Hopefully, I’ll submit it to a panel to get it workshopped in terms of the writing and then who knows maybe I’ll be Britain’s best new playwright 2018. A boy can dream.

write more

I think that’s every writer’s goal right? This year I’m going to continue blogging and taking you on my journey. A big part of me wants to dabble in journalism and magazine editing so I’m hoping that I’ll actually get started on that this year. I’ve also bought myself a journal ‘Q&Aa day for 5 years’ so it looks like this one will be on my goals every year for the next 5.

And finally, the same as every year:

Know my worth!

What are your resolutions for this year? Tell me in the comments below.

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Time at a standstill


A convention brought about to track the progress of our lives. Are we doing too much or are we not doing enough? Time is always there but we sometimes find ourselves losing track of time and asking where did it all go? And why so fast?

I’m prone to asking these questions and since returning home for the summer break I find myself asking the reverse. I’m now showered with an abundance of time. Maybe it’s because I’m allowing myself to have more time to do the things that I actually want to do.

Summer for me has always been long and somewhat unproductive, I find myself only ever searching for that break I deserve. I longed for my summers to be like how they used to be. Spent with friends and family everyday having fun, going on adventures and losing myself in the world that I’m glad to call mine. But somewhere in the middle of that I grew up and lost my way. I was more focussed on earning the money. I lost touch with friends and I was forever feeling guilty for not making them a priority. Or myself for that matter.

So this summer I set myself a challenge: To do the things that make me the happiest.

I said goodbye to the constant work ethic I enroll into whenever I come home because “I need the money”.

I’ve compromised, settling for only 3 shifts a week instead of the many more I usually do. I requested my weekends off and so far they’ve been accepted. I took time off to help myself out.

It’s long needed.

I wanted my days to be free so that I could see the people I’ve missed whilst away and get to do the things I set my heart on doing. Like Snowdon for example, after getting a bad case of envy after seeing my brothers instagram post of him hiking Mount Snowdon, I made a special request to embark on the expedition for myself.

And guess what. I did it.

This is because I made it a priority. I planned and I accomplished. It was just another reminder that if you start listening to your thoughts and acknowledge what you truly want you get your life sorted and you change yourself for the better.

My life in london is constantly on ‘play.’ I find it quite hard to escape the world I live in and I find sanctuary in my writing and alone time. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely adore my life there but there are some days where I just wish everything could be paused for a few seconds for me to take my breather and then carry on. I do love the fast nature of the city and my degree and it definitely keeps me on my feet but every once in a while I think everybody needs a break.

Going from a sky rocketing lifestyle to a more relaxed system has definitely took some time to get used to.

8 days in and it’s only just settling into my body. In the first few days everything seemed warped. Time had slowed down.

Time was at a standstill.

I was greeted with hours of emptiness and plentiful opportunities. It felt different. Not what I was used to at all. Work helped relieve the hollowness of my schedule but it just felt abnormal to me.

But I liked this abnormal approach.

I’ve spent my days catching up with friends and family. I’ve done things I wanted to do and I’ve planned my days in accordance to my goals and objectives. I think it’s because I know in less than a weeks time I’ll be setting off on my adventures in South East Asia .

My time is limited and I intend on spending it wisely. Not wasting it worrying about finances and doing absolutely nothing. I want this summer to last and I want it to be great.

I have a feeling it will be.