Nightmare in Paradise – Ha Long Bay

Today was a day for kayaking. Despite the raining rather, we all braved it out and cruised our way along the bay. Ciara, being Ciara, decided it would be a grand idea to take a detour away from the group on the terms of us ‘only having a few more hours left together before she departs for Thailand.’ I should have known it was was going to be a bad idea.

“If you insist” I replied.

So, off we went rowing toward the unknown. With a semi-plan sought out in or minds we prcoceeded onto the loop of the ‘big rock’ as Ciara called it. There were several ‘big rocks’ that day.

As we ventured out, more and more away from shore, we soon found there to e no right turn. Anywhere. So we continued voyaging straight ahead. We aw several villages on the waters. All had guard dogs that were quite vicious to us foreigners. Eventually we kind a right turn and we followed it not knowing where the hell we were going. But. At this point we didn’t care. We were surrounded by these beautiful boulders that lay there majestically. Watching the jellyfish float by, knowing we were safe inside out kayak, was somewhat peaceful as we soared across their home. It wasn’t until we took several more turns, in the wrong direction, later that we started to panic.

By ‘we’ I mean me.

We were lists. That’s the simple truth to it. Neither one of us knew where on earth we were. We had no phones to call for help. Nor did we know a number to call for said help. This is where I lost my shit. I snapped and I froze and a big parted of me wanted to burst into tears. I needed to be rescued.

Ciara, keeping calm, suggested we go back the way we came. The thought of that seemed unbearable. I was tired and so was she but like the true warriors of the seas we were, we sailed our way back through de ja vu.

Somewhere along the line we took a turn we’d ever taken before. We were asking nearby bats and Vietnemese people in the village for help. But none of them spoke a word of english let alone being able to understand our pleas for he. With no directions and no hope we sat there for a money in our kayaks, upset and miserable.

This is it i thought. I’ll be here forever.

My mind wandered over to Ciara’s earlier comment that I found humorous.

“This is where we die. They will kidnap us and use us as fish people.”

Now, not so funny. Several rows later we found an island. Was this really ours or are we imagining this? God know how long we had been stranded in this boat. For. Their beach looked so much longer that the one I remembers though. We decided to sail in its direction anyway in search of some hospitality.

A little further down the lie there was an open gap between two of the boulders. Through this gap we found our home. We were safe at last. We were victorious but there was still a huge part of me tat wanted to knock Ciara out with the oar that got us back home.

Go kayaking they said… It will be fun they said…