"Don’t be lazy, be crazy!" – Canyoning through Dalat with GroovyGecko Tours.

The day started at 6:30 am although I reluctantly got a jiggle on by 7am before making my way down for breakfast. In a matter of minutes my minibus was here.

Today was not for princesses or princes as their website stated. Today was a day for the adventurous and the risk takers. I like to think of myself as someone who fits quite comfortably in those categories. We picked up 5 mor people; 2 Taiwanese, 2 Austrian and 1 German – all girls.

Our first waterfall was a mere 7m. Easy peasy. My only feedback was not to hold the supporting rope to tightly.


After submerging into the pool of water below I was ready to get on to the next cascading fall. This one was 30m. This was the most difficult of the three due to its steepness and awkwardness to navigate through. I endeavoured to carry on though and complete the 30m drop and I did just that.

So after a minibus, jeep transfer through the mountains and 2 waterfalls completed we decided now was a good time to stop fora spot of lunch. All divided by the company. It considered of 2 baguettes each and a selection of snacks (Pineapple, mango, banana, Oreos and banana bread.) it was delicious and very much needed.

In front of us the sun was shining and the landscape was covered in forest green pines. It was beautiful here. We were alone and in that moment I felt as though all my worries and fears had evaporated into the Alpine air. I was here and I was myself.

I had an eternity of freedom and confidence in my grasps and I wasn’t about to let that go. As i stood there facing t into the wilderness, I said to myself to remember this moment and the utter joy you feel wholeheartedly.

Time to get crazy once again. Next stop 65m. What a drop. A part of me wished I hadn’t liked down, it took my breath away. But then again I’m not the type too listen to my gut in these types of situations. Bad i know but hey live life on the edge right?

After 3 people climbed down, it was finally my time to brave the dangerous downpour. I plummeted into the abyss, water attacking my face. I abseiled down the fall, letting the rope slip through my fingertips. Unfortunately my gloves kept getting stuck and due to the rope being wet it meant that it was getting more and more heavier by the second making it harder to get down the rocks. Eventually I got to the midway point. Here it was way more slippy that the track above. I couldn’t even see my feet anymore; they were disguised within the waters.

I thought now would be a good way to hum my way through. Wrong. I lost my balance. There was something so precious about that money. Despite the support from our guides, I was very much alone on this waterfall and I relished in this. The idea of falling and tripping up whilst getting down this beast of a waterfall enthused me. I was determined and I was ready to slam down on the acceleration.

Before i knew it I was gliding my way down like a pro. I thought the view from the top was breathtaking but from down here it was more than anything you could ever imagine. The sheer size was dominating my pupils. It was simply stunning. Mesmerising in fact. I felt proud and accomplished. It was like nothing I had ever done before.

Shortly afterwards we were jumping into a nearby pool of natural water. The trek back to base was trying however. It was an upward incline back to the rope; where we had started all those hours ago. My energy had depleted but it was totally worth it.

I had possibly the best day in all of existence.

And for that I am eternally grateful.

Never be afraid to take the risks, you’ll thank yourself later for all that you have accomplished.