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The calm before the storm

The sound of heavy rain engulfed the room. It was rainfall in the jungle. It’s clouds spat out warm downpours that seemed to never end. I could lie there listening for hours. Serenity. I silently drifted off into a deep sleep. It was just me, my dreams and the sound of the jungle. I was

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Overnight stay at the elephant sanctuary

This place is the jungle. It’s the home of ‘Save the Elephants’ here in Cambodia and what an absolutely terrific job they’re doing. In comparison to the elephants I had seen at Angkor Wat carrying paying tourist after another, these elephants looked over the moon. They were joyous and loud and full of life. Maybe

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Race to Angkor Wat

4:00 am start. 1 goal: Sunrise at Angkor Wat. Could we do it? Yes we must definitely could. Well sort of anyways. We were all up at the crack of dawn, shoved into Tuk Tuks headed for the ticket office. 3, 2, 1 SMILE… Mugshot. Bad angle. Bad everything.  Back in the Tuk Tuk we

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