Rehearsals: Week 4

It’s the weekend and after over a month of not drinking, it’s finally time to crack open the bottle and get swigging. The main reasons I was partaking in a Dry May was because a) I wanted to save money and b) I wanted my skin to clear up.

In recent weeks, my skin has indeed felt a lot smoother – which is more than I can say about my finances. All the budgeting I’ve mastered by cutting out alcohol has basically been for nothing after a midnight splurge on new clothes and a new pair of trainers – they are beautiful though. But I figured its been a long time since I treated myself and after the last few weeks I was in need of some materialistic loving.

To say this process has all gone smooth and dandy would be an inaccurate lie; one I wouldn’t be able to say with truth.

I think that’s quite normal though with any production when you’re putting things on its feet. For the most part it has been enjoyable but on the whole, I haven’t exactly loved the process and I don’t quite know why. This is unusual for me because I usually love putting on a show and being creative.

There have been times where I’ve absolutely hated it and myself for that matter, often having to make the most of my lunchtime by getting out of the building and into the fresh air for a bit of normalisation and reassurance before going back in and trying again. This time round with a more positive outlook in my bounce.

It has been a strange journey, I think a lot of my peers would agree with me on that one.


There have been times where I’ve loved every second of it. So I guess you could say I’ve been going back and forth from one extreme to the other. What has helped me ‘pull through’ is the support from my friends. We’ve all had our bad days and we’ve all been there to pick each other back up again and laugh at ourselves. Meditation has also been my saviour during rehearsals. It has cleared my mind and helped me remain focussed on the task ahead.

This week has been a week of cleaning things up and glueing everything together to make the piece work. It’s also had a further 2 choreography days in which we completed more numbers and improved those that were already existent. On Friday we also had our first dress rehearsal and this went quite smoothly – obviously there are still sections that need changing but on the whole it went quite well. We now have Monday as a spare day to perfect our work before heading into a whirlwind of tech and dress runs starting at 9:30am and finishing 12 hours later.

Next week will kill me. Emotionally, physically and mentally. But that’s what show week is like.

As a class we’ve all decided to pick a person to look after during the show to keep their spirits up. I’m a big fan of quotes – they always brighten my day. I think a lesson to be learnt from this experience would have to be that in life, what you give power to has power over you. Whilst at times its been a struggle to escape the spiralling negativity that has been quite prevalent in both myself and the outside exterior it has been a reminder for me not to succumb to this and let it cloud my vision for what is to come.

It has been a rollercoaster. But I’m determined to make the highs outlive the lows. In a weeks time this will all be over and I will have to say goodbye to my ‘woodlandish’ roots and mechanical madness. In months to come I’ll look back on this experience and begin to miss the fun I’ve had creating the roles.

Adios for now but be sure to check out my earlier posts on our production.

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