The calm before the storm

The sound of heavy rain engulfed the room. It was rainfall in the jungle. It’s clouds spat out warm downpours that seemed to never end. I could lie there listening for hours.




I silently drifted off into a deep sleep. It was just me, my dreams and the sound of the jungle. I was calm and content and peacefully asleep.




“Help! Help! I need a doctor.” Screamed a frantic Irish lady. For a moment I lay there thinking “Am I still dreaming?” I later realised I was not and the voice turned into a voice I recognised all to well.


It was the cry of Anita O’Shea.


Scrambling to find my phone,


I turned on the torch, put on my shorts and faced the wilderness.


Wallo had just had a seizure and was throwing up at the side of her mouth. She needed medical attention. When she did wake she wasn’t lucid and her eyes were dilated. She wasnt with it. It was like she was talking but it was as if she wasn’t there. After several stumbles later we managed to get her back to what seemed like normal.


Ciara rang her mum, a nurse. She explained possible reasons for this seizure and told Una to get her to a doctor asap. Una, our leader for the evening isn’t a rep and so she never received any first aid training before venturing out here. This is a foreign country to her and in that moment I felt like the world was swallowing her up. But she pulled through.


After the persuasion of the group wallow was taken to hospital. I think the scariest thing about all of this is that we were in the middle of nowhere as newbies with a newbie as our rep. I took little notice o this however to avoid anymore hysteria from the group. Instead I tried to get back to sleep ad surprisingly I was out quicker than you could say flash.


Once again: sweet dreams and hopefully no more disturbances in the jungle.