Coffee Series: Vietnam


Cafe Giang, Hanoi – Egg Coffee 8.5/10


Quite a heavy drink. Frothy to begin with melting into a thick consistency. The coffee is evident, slightly stronger towards the bottom but overall quite nice.


The Note Cafe, Hanoi – Vietnamese Coffee 6/10

Quite bitter tasting and very strong but also quite light in tasting. Very sweet. You could definitely feel the kick of the coffee.



Trump Coffee, Hue – Coconut Latte 7/10

Light and very refreshing. The cocunut to coffee ratio is smooth and  consistent. It wasslightly sickly towards the end but overall it was a different take on your traditional coffee.


Reaching Out Tea House, Hoi An – Yin-Yang Hoi An Ancient blend 3/10

Very bitter tasting. I couldn’t finish the drink. Too bitter and strong for my liking, it also had some sweet notes to it but the aftertaste was just too much for me. There Organic Red Lantern Herbal Tea however was a delight to finish. It had quite a woody and intense aroma but it was very soothing and had hints of spice to perk you up.


Highland Coffee, Nha Trang – Caramel Macchiato 7.5/10

Very smooth tasting. Quite frothy and you could taste the coffee although quite bland. The syrup was evident once throughly mixed. It’s what you’d expect from a chain coffe shop but still nice.


An Cafe, Dalat – Special Vietnamese Coffee with Condensed Milk 7/10

Very sweet because of the condensed milk, its a sticky glue type mixture. The coffee is sort of in between medium and strong tasting wise for me. It feels quite heavy and gloopy but still easy to swallow.


Bookworms Cafe, Ho Chi Miinh – Egg Coffee 6.5/10

Outer layer of froth wasnt as thick as the one I had in Hanoi however the portion size was much bigger. The coffe itself was indeed drinkable however i much preferred the one i tasted in Hanoi. This one lacks vibrancy and flavour, it is quite bland.


Juice Box Detox stall, Sense Market Ho Chi Minh – Iced Milk Coffee 8/10

A lot of ice. This was sprisingly very nice. I’m not usually one to joy coffee cold but the ratio of milk to coffee was spot on. I say ‘milk’ it was condensed milk making it a lot sweeter. Overall though it was a very nice drink to aid in my morning wake up call.


DISCLAIMER: I am by no means any type of barista, I just simply like my coffee. Here’s my coffee story whilst on the road in Vietnam.