Health benefits of Herbal Tea

Tea. We have been drinking it for centuries and then some. It is what warms us up when we’re feeling low and acts as a support system that comes in a mug when you need it. It is your best friend. Especially herbal tea.

Herbal Tea: Whilst it’s not something that I consume every day, it is, however, a huge part of my diet throughout the week. Herbal tea can with everything from easing a cold to help fight off infection. I tend to drink fennel, peppermint, chamomile & honey, nettle, lemon and ginger and detox teas for their medicinal qualities. I opt for raspberry & echinacea, blood orange rooibus and hibiscus for its delicious flavours.

The benefits of herbal tea


Known for its remedial qualities to the symptoms of abdominal gas and bloating so it makes for the perfect drink after your meals. It can also help with muscle spasms. Peppermint is a great choice for when you are ill aswell as it warms the body internally, causing you to sweat and thus combatting your common colds.


When added with lemon, this spice makes for a powerful tag team against your cold. It fights off the germs. It is also good for kicking nausea’s butt and can help settle an upset stomach.


This is my go to sleepy tea. It is widely known for its calming and sedative qualities. It not only helps with insomnia but it can also aid with indigestion after a meal. It’s anti-bacterial approach helps you feel refreshed from within.


I first discovered this tea whilst volunteering in South Africa; it is now a frequent occupier on my shelf. It is high in vitamin C and ahs antioxidant properties that can help with eczema. Rooibus tea is also caffeine free which makes it a perfect brew for those late hours  when you don’t want caffeine keeping you awake.


This tea is a refreshing drink. It soothes and warms you just in the right places. It lowers blood pressure and is high in vitamins. I often drink it when im feeling a bit on the low side.


What is your favourite herbal tea?  Comment below.

Water: Why you should be drinking more of it.

I started the year by setting myself some New Years resolutions. One of them was to drink more water. I’ve successfully increased my intake with each new day this month and I haven’t partaken in any alcohol drinking to cause any further dehydration. Dehydration is a common symptom for many of life’s issues.

It makes sense to drink more H20. Our own bodies are made up of between 70-80% of water. It is so overlooked. We need it to function properly. Most people recommend drinking at least 8 glasses a day however I recommend you using this as a guideline and listening to your own body. Some days you might need more.

Health benefits

1. Water flushes out toxins

It gets rid of waste through sweat and urination. It helps you feel replenished and can help reduce the risk of kidney stones and UTI’s.

2. It increases energy and relieves fatigue

It helps you think, focus and concentrate more through out your day. This leads to you being more productive in getting thing set done. You won’t feel sluggish. It helps you stay alert and it also raises your energy levels.

3. Water promotes weight loss

It removes by-products of fat and can help to reduce your hunger. It raises your metabolism and contains zero calories.

4. It improves your complexion

H20 moisturises your skin from the outside it. It keeps it fresh and glowing and keeps you looking young forever. Say goodbye to your wrinkles and pick up a glass.

5. Water boosts your immune system

It helps fight against the flu, cancer and other illnesses eg. Heart attacks. If our body is made up of mostly water then to keep it working properly it makes total sense to keep supplying ourselves with it, right?

6. It maintains regularity

It helps aid in digestion after meals and prevents constipation. It keeps us functioning internally.

7. Water is a natural headache preventer

Nobody likes headaches. EVER. It helps prevent and relieve headaches which are more often than not caused by dehydration ie. lack of water intake. Stay hydrated this year.

8. It puts you in a good mood

When the body is working at its best then so are you. You feel happy and on top of the world. For me it makes me feel refreshed and brand spanking new. I feel healthy and so should you.

9. Water prevents joint pain

Our joints need lubrication and water helps this. It also helps the muscles to be more elastic meaning that we relieve ourselves of joint pain. You’re less likely to be injured when your joints are getting the required nutrients they need,

10. It saves you money

It is free. It comes from your tap. Even if you don’t like plain water there  are plenty of products in store that you can buy that are cheaper than your typical medium latte from Starbucks and it’s  way healthier for you.


Make one of your goals this year to drink more water.