Greetings from Berlin. Guten morgen.

This is my final day here in Deutschland. I believe we’ve ‘seen it all’ but there is a part of em that would love to come back here and explore the ‘scene‘ and ‘culture’ more. I do think, however, that in order to do just that I’d have to up and leave my urban living in London and trade it in for a slice of European living here. I’d need at least a year here and a lot of German language lessons beforehand. Also a ski suit. I NEED one of those.

It’s Baltic here and if you add me into that mix, it just doesn’t work. I get cold all the time and if there is one thing I cannot stand it’s if my toes get cold – they’ve felt like ice for the duration of this trip.

Nein gut.

Winter has brought with it the christmas markets and festivity ad for that i am grateful. It been both warm and welcoming even if the winds weren’t. Somehow the winter weather made everything prettier to me. Walking through Tiergarten with the trees bare against the frost-bitten sky was appealing to me in every sense. The coldness glorified its atmospheric presence.

It was simply beautiful.

I think that’s what I like most about berlin; its simplicity. The buildings are tall and predominantly square, the transport links are efficient and easy to use, a lot of places are short walks away from each other and crossing the roads couldn’t be more safer here; if you obey the red and green man.

Like Berlin, our itinerary was simple. It featured everything that me and Jon wanted from tourist attractions to outdoor parks and coffee shops. On the list was: The Berlin Wall memorial, DDR museum, Alexanderplatz and the markets, East Side Gallery, Markethalle Neun, Brandenburg Gate, Reischtag, Bebelplatz, Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe, Tiergarten and the palace, the victory column, Checkpoint Charlie, the Wall by Assisi and the Berliner Ensemble.

I had a delicious bite to eat at the Markethalle Neun (think London’s Borough market or Camden) – pulled pork burger featuring a glass of mulled wine (glühwein). Jon opted for a huge portion of pork from a traditional German food stand – the crackling was immense.

Finding a place to eat was always difficult. Jon took forever to decide what he actually wanted to eat in the evenings, often meandering down streets at a slower than average pace meaning that it would often take at least half an hour, sometimes longer, before we were actually able to sit down and enjoy our dinner. In the end though, the options were always great. On our first night we ate at lovely German restaurant near Alexanderplatz, having the currywurst and a large stein of beer. Our last night flew us across to Italy – Due Fratelli. We had a cute candlelit dinner in the heart of Berlin’s theatre district. £my vibes completely. It was here I got to see the Berliner Ensemble.

It’s been a great few days here and I’ve enjoyed the sightseeing, Berlin’s bitter weather, its festivity and its food. I can’t say when I’ll be back by I think I will.

Aid Wiedersehen.

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  1. Nice post. I love Berlin, it is a city I never feel quite done with. Love how you’ve described Berlin so beautifully in the post without relying on images. You have a real flair with words, looking forward to browsing your other posts.


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