5 Steps to meeting those deadlines

“Deadlines: the bane of all of our lives.

I usually start off strong and go downhill from there. Then I tend to plan out everything I need to do and organise what needs to happen and when it needs to be done by the moment I get an assignment. I then give myself a break for a few days sometimes weeks because my mind believes I’ve already done the work.

BIG mistake.

Before I know it, weeks have passed and the deadline is getting closer and closer meaning that I now have to rush my work in order to complete the task.

But alas no more, no more.

Step 1

Turn off your notifications.

Seriously. That’s the first thing you must do. Notifications only mean one thing – distraction. When you have a deadline you can’t afford to be distracted. It’s fine to check them in your breaks just not when you’re meant to be working. Before you know it 2 hours have flown by and the only thing you’ve accomplished is finding out that there’s a brand new makeshift slide for you to get your adventurers hat on and plummet into a lake in the Philippines. (No joke)

So what I recommend you do is turn off all your notifications for your social media apps. This means that you only get to see your notifications when you click on the app.

Why not take it a step further and delete your social media apps. You can still access them via your internet browser?

Step 2

PLAN and then plan the rest of your weeks.

Don’t just stop at day one. You have to be consistent. Take time to schedule in what exactly you’re going to do and stick to it. Above all else make sure it is achievable. Be realistic in your planning; if you know there are factors that are going to interfere with your learning then schedule them in and learn to prioritise. Be efficient and be smart.

The beauty of planning ensures that you are focussed. It gives you a sense of accomplishment when you can tick off what you’ve done for the day. Mentally this will keep you on track and keep your spirits high.

Step 3


And do a lot of it. Knowledge is power and the more information you collect the more you can use it to your advantage. If ever I’m involved in a presentation, the one thing I do is make sure I now all the facts about the topic at hand. There’s nothing worse than going in blind and giving false information to your eyes and ears. Research doesn’t always have to be text-based, there are plenty of other sources out there that can assist your research. Just make sure you are smart with your research.

Step 4

Take breaks.

Give yourself days off and breaks in between your learning, you NEED them and you’ll be thankful for it later. I always try to stick by the 25 minute on and 5 minute off rule. This allows me to fully concentrate for a set amount of time and then allows me to unwind for a small break. I find this leaves me a lot more refreshed when doing back to do my work. It also stops me from over working.

Step 5

Look after yourself.

Make sure you find time to look after yourself, you can’t be running yourself into the ground because you’ve used up all your energy. Don’t over-commit. You need balance. Yes you’re passionate but you shouldn’t put yourself in detriment just for the sake of your work. At times you have to sacrifice and suffer but don’t wreck yourself in the process. Know your limits, know your worth and know your health.

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