Top 7 different date ideas

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In life we’re all looking for that special someone to come along and whisk us off our feet. Some do the whisking for themselves and take matters into their own hands on their pursuit for love.

Me on the other hand, likes to do the waiting. I’m attracted to this fairytale endings and movie clichés. I hate myself for it but sadly, it’s true.

This is a message to my future Prince Charmings’ out there. These are my ultimate dream dates. You’ll win my heart with any of these 7 date ideas.

Ditch the traditional dates and say YES to having fun my way.

1. Taking the top spot with the Treasure Hunt 101

This is an idea I want saved for my honeymoon. This date, or rather, collection of dates involves a series of clues being left for me to work out or stumble across relating to places around the world that I want to tick off of my bucket list. This truly is the essence of adventure and this world trip would be spent with my partner for life. I couldn’t think of a better honeymoon than to be spending my time trotting across the globe with the person I love.

2. Runner up goes to the Adrenaline Junkie idea.

Think skydiving, bungee jumping, highlining and zip lining. Or even sad down t your nearest theme park. How awesome would this be? Outdoors adventure is what I live for, its combats fears and gets your heart going. Go Ape Is the perfect escape for a fun and memorable date if you ask me.

3. Adventure aside, tune into your more romantic side and have a 3 course dinner at 3 different restaurants.

Inspired by Ted’s 2 minute Dinner Date on How I Met Your Mother I thought this would be the perfect option for a sit down dinner. If you’re feeling really spontaneous try flavours from different parts of the world with each course you get. This is an exciting way to have fun and enjoy your time spent with your other half.

4. Bored of sitting down yet? Be a tourist for the day and explore your city.

This looks like your typical telephone box, right? WRONG. It’s filled with books – how wonderful.
I don’t care whether you’ve spent 7 years or 6 months living in your city. Get out there and explore. See all the sights and lose yourself in the magic of the moment. Just have fun with it and see the beauty that tourist get to see on each visit. This is one of my favourite things to do when exploring, I always try to keep my eyes open for things I’ve never noticed before.

5. Take a trip to the Zoo.

Animal therapy is just what the doctor ordered. I recently visited London Zoo and they have a strong focus on conservation and protection of species making it a really enjoyable visit. At the zoo there is so much scope for conversation, I find it quite peaceful chatting away amidst the surrounding wildlife. If a zoo isn’t your thing, go visit a local farm – the barnyard animals give you a chance to unwind which is what you need if you’re in the constant hustle and bustle of a city.

6. Speaking of outdoors, go take a hike or go for a bike ride.
As you can probably tell by now, I like things that people can do together. A bike ride on a hot summer day sounds perfect especially when followed by a picnic in the park. There’s a great sense of achievement felt when finishing a hike, why not basque in that glory with your special someone.

7. Last but by no means least go to a Jazz club.

There’s nothing sexier than being in a jazz club. The music is devine and it’s a great way to escape the usual club crowd. It’s swanky and it’s sophisticated all wrapped up into one. Once inside, you’re transposed into a different era, it’s great for conversing and socialising with your companion for the evening.


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