Race to Angkor Wat

4:00 am start. 1 goal: Sunrise at Angkor Wat. Could we do it?

Yes we must definitely could. Well sort of anyways. We were all up at the crack of dawn, shoved into Tuk Tuks headed for the ticket office.

3, 2, 1 SMILE…

Mugshot. Bad angle. Bad everything. 

Back in the Tuk Tuk we went. Racing against the sun in the morning air was lovely. When we did finally arrive we were taken to the wrong entrance than everyone else. I was then the dick who brought out my iPad to record and take photos. This place was amazing. Dragonflies floated majestically above our heads whist gibbon monkeys roamed the lands and skies. One girl, Georgia, actually got bitten by a monkey. She also had her phone stolen from her earlier on in the trip. I think she had a big dose of bad luck but she soldiered on like the trooper she is.

The temples were beautiful and held such an old charm. I kicked off my flip-flops and felt the grass underneath my toes as I walked. It was wet and crunchy. I was at one with nature and i loved it. These ruins were fascinating. Inside Angkor Wat there was a monk blessing people for donations. I got blessed and he gave me a bracelet, it was such a cute moment between us. It was a struggle getting up the steep stairs in the second part of Angkor Wat though. The walls had such intricate patterns. It’s crazy to think that all this was built centuries ago with the aid of elephants. That would be such an amazement to see. Inside a monkey stole someone’s packed lunch. Ciara had ours – safe hands???

I think not.

Luckily all was well, this time.. we proceeded onto Angkor Thom Bayon – I think :/ This one was a lot more spacious and had the face of Buddha on its structures. The whole day was filled of plentiful photo opportunities and i took 100% advantage of that.

Candid galore, or more like plandid galore.

The third temple we went to was the temple made famous by Angelina Jolie’s Tomb Raider movie. I felt just like Angelina when walking through. It was exactly the same and more than I imagined. This one was more jungle-y. Getting here was a struggle. First off our Tuk Tuk driver crashed, then he took us the wrong way and to top it all off he didn’t speak a word of English. It was funny though. Me, Ciara, Emily and James were in stitches.

The heat today was off the scale! My brain was frazzled but it was definitely worth the early start and endless rays of sunshine.

Carpe Diem.

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