"Beauty in a bloodshed burial site." The Cambodian Killing Fields.

Exhaustion at its peak. 6.5 hours on a night bus departing Phnom Penh to Siem Reap. 2 lanes of bunker cabins, 2 to a bed and 1 incredibly tiny aisle.

The evening was filled with free beer and the cutest of sleepover chats. Sleep was the bare minimum, only managing 2 hours last night. Ciara was my roomie for the evening – what an absolute geg!

Yesterday we explored the royal palace in Phnom Penh. It would have been better had I not have been extremely hungover. Yesterday was also a day for silence.

Silence in the fields:

The killing fields.

In such a tragedy I found beauty, nestled amongst the greenery and empty pits. To appreciate, one must remember. But how does one remember something that is completely unknown to you? The most I can compare it to is WW2 and its history. But even then its still hard to imagine the trauma. But as I was walking around the empty grounds I found myself becoming more and more aware. It became easier for me to remember. This tragedy was a secret for so long, but it is a secret that I now know and will remember forever.

Mass grave of 166 victims without heads.

Earlier I mentioned that I found beauty in this place. After so many deaths tallied to its soil there was life in these fields. butterflies flew gracefully across the greens. To me, this represented their souls, the souls of thousands in history’s past. A butterfly itself goes through reincarnation, it’s a transformation to evolve. It was as if their lives did indeed live on. And that’s how I found beauty in a bloodshed burial site.​

Killing tree against which executioners beat children.
The remains.

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