My Travel Goals

Today is the day. I’ve been planning and un-planning this trip for over a year now. My journey to Cambodia and Vietnam. I can’t believe it’s finally here. In just a few hours time I will be boarding my plane ready to jet off for 6 weeks.

With that in mind here is a list of my goals for this trip.

To challenge myself.

I want to push myself in situations to be more open and talk to new people without feeling nervous or awkward.

To make every day count.

I want to utilise my hours wisely and enjoy the whole day by doing great things.

To gain more self-confidence.

I think this will coincide with my first goal. I know I’ll come out of this experience and more well-rounded person.

To be in the moment.

I really don’t want to take anything for granted on this adventure. Who knows when I will return next.

To be experimental.

Especially when it comes down to food. I’m ditching the western food and sampling all the local cuisine I can get my hands on. Yes, even the bugs.

To be ok with things not going exactly to plan.

This is really important. I want to be flexible and do the things I want to do in that moment and that’s  why I’ve tried to plan as little as possible – it’s all a part of the adventure.

To have fun.

There will be no tears on my behalf, I deserve this trip and I’ve worked hard to get myself here.

To learn.

I want to learn as much about the countries’ history and culture as I can. I want o find myself and learn about myself on the road, on my own. I want to learn about humanity and I’m hoping I’m greeted with a lot of compassion in my destinations.

To make time.

Time for reflection, for blogging and diary writing and for taking it all in. And keeping in touch with family and friends when possible.

To get lost.

I get lost EVERYWHERE. But I want to enjoy getting lost in this new world.

To do good.

I want to give back to the community as much as I can and that is why I’m volunteering and taking part in sustainable travelling whilst I’m exploring.

To be grateful and happy.

This is their countries and I’m honoured to be visiting. I’m really good at letting he bad things not bother me so I’m hoping when things go wrong on the road, because lets face it something bad is bound to happen at least once, I will take this attribute with me in my proceedings.

To have Vietnamese coffee in every place I visit.

Last but by no means least is coffee. I’ve  heard Vietnam produce some delicious coffee and I’m making it a vow to try each place I visit version of the caffeinated brew.


And finally, check out my packing list for my travels.

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