Sunday 2nd July – Mount Snowdon completed.

What a perfect Sunday it was. The sun glistened and the views were incredible. We set off at around 9.15am from Chester and arrived at 10:45am. I was thrilled and excited for the day ahead. I had no hangover from the wine the night before and I was ready to get my hike on.

Snowdon has a great mix of steepness and comfort on its path. We chose the popular Llanberis path for our route as it was my first time hiking the mountain. It was so peaceful being in the heart of nature. There was a slight breeze that made the journey very comfortable and you could hear the sound of sheep baa’ing throughout the course.

There was a cute halfway house where we stopped off for slush puppies because of the heat but on we went with the accompaniment of haribo’s and toffee crisps for that extra bit of rush. I went through stages of slow paces to sudden rushes of energy and that came at one of the steepest bits of the trek. I said to myself you can do this and my body responded in the best way possible. The hike didn’t seem as daunting as I first preempted.

I think I’ve always been attracted to a sense of adventure and it’s always been in my life in small forms but as I grow older I’m finding myself being more and more adventurous and it’s something I want to keep up. Mind, my orienteering skills are still as crap as ever but I don’t exactly mind getting lost along the way. It wouldn’t be the same otherwise.

Of course no trip could be complete without me posing for pictures along the way.

3,2,1 SMILE 😁

On top of the world 🌍
SNOWDONIA 2017, it’s been great!

Just like anything in life, if you set your mind to it you can do it. You’ll achieve those goals that once seemed so impossible just to even start. If you stick at it and you put your energy into it you’ll see the results and climbing this mountain was a much needed reminder to love the life I’m living and that absolutely anything is possible.

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