Rehearsals: Week 3


Week 3 is finally coming to an end, leaving us with just under 2 weeks left until our opening night. This week seems to have bolted past my eyes before I could even get a chance to blink. It’s gone crazy fast.

Perhaps too fast.

For me, this week was a turning point. A step in the right direction. My previous worries and fears have gone out the window. My mind felt clear. Less fog and more clarity.

And with clarity comes progress.

Progress in the form of character. This week I think as a group, both collectiviely and individually, the mechanicals were able to connect more to their characters and to the dynamics within the group. We got some pretty amazing work done this week despite the minor frustration during an ensemble number in the earlier part of the week. However rehearsals are like that. You have your good days and equally you have your bad days.

Having said goodbye to the bad days we quickly moved on to choreographing more numbers in the show, as well as cleaning previous numbers. In this weeks heat, at times it was unbearable but definitely necessary. No pain, no gain and all that jazz. My favourite of the new choreo would have to be ‘Catch me if you can.’ We use our lanterns to entice and bewilder the four lovers throughout the number leading them into a maze-like trap in some ways. I think its going to look really effective under the lighting.

The dreaming is a really interesting adaptation of Shakespeare’s ‘A midsummer night’s dream’ and it has been really fun putting it on its feet. Next week is primarily a week for adding on and joining up the divisions between the two acts and creating a solid production. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us but I’m prepared to make it a success.

We all are.

To find out more on our production click here.


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