Adventures in Bristol 

“I found my Amsterdam in Bristol.”

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After 2 weeks of rehearsals I decided it was time for a bit of ME time, so when the offer to visit a friend in Bristol came up, I jumped at the opportunity to go. And I’m very glad I did. The journey involved a train to London Victoria and then a coach to bristol with National Express. The journey took longer than expected however it was nice knowing that in 2.5 hours time I would be in a new city exploring all it has to offer. 

Upon entering Bristol, I was greeted by artwork urging the people of bristol to vote in the next election (June 8th)  – amen to that! I was also greeted by people asking me for spare change towards a bus fair or a hostel for the night – I soon noticed homelessness is a big problem here. I saw numerous flyers campaigning for homeless peoples rights and help towards them getting by during my time here. Jon finally arrived and we decided to please our appetites by heading to the markets to indulge in the food they had to offer. Jon opted for a very traditional pie whereas I opted for something a bit further out – a Mediterranean veg, chicken and mozzarella baguette. It was delicious.

We explored the markets some more and stopped off at both the sweet shop and the incense stall. Bouncing back onto the streets of bristol we decided to head on over to more of the old bristol before making our way to the harbourside part of town. Having looked at more than enough ships on our last trip together we decided, or more so Idecided that the SS Great Britain was definitely not an option for this trips itinerary. Instead we strolled casually along embracing the peacefulness of the surroundings. With my backpack on like the typical tourist I am. I did however leave my shades at home but that was okay because it started to rain quite a fair bit on this particular Saturday.

It was here that I found my Amsterdam in Bristol. The day was filled with exploring and I felt the same happiness that I felt sight-seeing in Amsterdam. I was just happy to be in a new city having fun. If my time permitted i would happily board a train and go out exploring new places all the time but sadly due to the nature of my musical theatre degree I just dont have that much time to be doing so. When I got to the harbourside I was amazed to have found the lineup of bicycles on the railings against the waterfront. It teleported me back to Amsterdam immediately surrounded by canals and a bicycles everywhere I turned. It was very nostalgic.

“It was here that I found my Amsterdam in Bristol”

Exploring some more we headed on over to the cathedral. Inside it was beautiful, simple but grande in its design. An external choir of boys from Oxford were busy rehearsing for their evening performance when we entered. It was angelic. Whilst I’m not exactly a religious person it was nice to view the building and how much it means to the people who worship there. There was a box for writing down a prayer you want read in the next service and i caught a glimpse of one persons prayer (because I’m nosey) and it was very endearing.

Cabot Tower was next on our list. It was a steep climb for my sore legs that have been used to their limits through both rehearsals and gym time. I clearly can’t hack the both of them.  After several pit stops, with Jon seeking shelter from the rain under the trees, we finally made it to the top. The tower was in sight. Like a knight rescuing his princess from the dragon I raised up the many steep steps to reach the top. It was here we got to see the whole of Bristol.

Not the best of skylines I must admit but alas we had succeeded in our mission.

Tired and thirsty we decided to unwind over a coffee in the city centre; or in my case an Iced Green Tea with Lemon. With our rest period over we migrated over to the bus stop to catch our bus back to Jon’s place. We proceeded down Gloucester Road before reaching home. It was quite an interesting road. It looked as though there was an event going on as there were groups of people queuing and drinking in the streets – there was something quite grungy-esque about this. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but it was cool and I liked it!

I’ve probably just sounded exactly like your 65 year old grandad trying to get down with the kids in writing that…

MUD-tastic 😜

Nando’s was the choice of delicacy for tonight evening meal and by the time we left I was beyond full. On our way home we stopped off at Asda for the morning’s breakfast – quite the efficient pair aren’t we.


Awaking from our slumber we were ready to start the day. That is after a shower and breakfast. Can’t be skipping breakfast now can we kids. Driving along the more ‘scenic’ route we reached our destination – The Wild Place Project. It was such a beautiful day for it, the sun was out and the rain was nowhere to be seen, unlike yesterday. Being Bristol Zoo’s sister site I was excited for our day out. We were given a leaflet containing a map and a trail for the ‘explorers’ where we had to tick off all the missions we had completed. I embraced my inner 5-year-old once more and had the most amazing time. I was the one doing the activities might I say, Jon watched and ticked off. Here at the farm we met everything from the Madagascan lemurs to the European grey wolves. Each exhibit had their own story to tell and I really enjoyed the different sections to this place. If you’ve got kids and our looking for a fabulous day out in Bristol I’d highly reckoned this place. Or if your like me and you love animals then take your friends and partners and have a blast. I sure did. My favourite part of the day was the ‘Barefoot Trail’ it was a route in which I got more connected with nature through feeling the ground beneath my feet as i walked through the trail – it was beautiful, even the mud section at the end. Thank God for the hose at the finish line.

Here’s the highlights of the day.



I even got a chance to sit down and do some blogging of my own on this typewriter in the jungle.

Sadly this was all we had time for due to me having to catch the coach back to London. But after a day of exploring the realms of Africa, Europe and Madagascar I was fully worn out. After a late lunch i was happy to be resting on the coach journey home. Bristol was beautiful and it was the escape I needed. Get yourself out there and go explore, wherever it may be. Have fun and filly your life with happiness. Forget about the worries and stresses of your day to day life. Leave the work behind and take time for yourselves. Every once in a while you deserve it! Stay happy.

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