We Must Stand Together


Everywhere I look I am reminded of the barbaric event that happened yesterday in Manchester. For those who aren’t up to speed, 22 people attending Ariana Grande’s concert in the Manchester Arena were killed by a fatal suicide bomb attack containing shrapnel injuring at least 59 others towards the end of the concert last night. Fans heard a loud explosion and rushed to safety out of the arena.

It has sickened me. I am disgusted and shaken by the ordeal. One thing I dont understand is WHY? 

Why did this happen? How could a human being do this to so many people? So many young people? But with everything that’s going on in the world, with the Westminster attacks still raw in our minds, we are left asking – when will it happen next?

It is crazy to think, how growing up as a child I wasn’t ever aware of terrorism but now it plays such a huge role in my life – especially since the recent attacks on Westminster where I was working 10 minutes away with the possibility of going on lockdown. We are now more aware of the happenings throughout the wider world whether you choose to believe it is actually happening or not. Manchester is a city on edge. We are a global nation on edge. It shouldn’t be this way.

This is how terrorism wins.

What’s beautiful to see out of this is the community spirit within Manchester after the horrific attack. I’ve viewed countless posts on social media of people offering help and aid to the victims of the attacks from transportation to hospitality. Police officers off duty came out to help the city and the emergency services did an amazing job in helping the victims and continue to do so on the ongoing investigation. There has been many vigils taking place across the country to show support and give love to the victims, their family and their friends. My love and support reach out to all affected by this horrific event. Upon hearing the news I contacted the many friends I have living in Manchester including my twin brother urging them to stay safe in the city. This is a topic so close to home for me and being away from home has highlighted the need for community spirit.

But one thing we mustn’t do, not only in the UK but around the world, is stop living our lives. We have to carry on and stop the ongoing fear we all have. This is how terrorism wins. They want to divide us as a nation and we cannot allow this to happen. Our communities must remain cohesive and strong – just like how we’ve seen demonstrated at the different vigils taking place today. All communities from all backgrounds whether that be gender, age, race and religion came together to unite.

We Must Stand Together.

The attacker has been identified and already I’ve seen racist and Islamophobic comments about the event all across social media. To me this is just as barbaric as the actual attack. The evil in their words disgust me. Know that is is not Islam or Muslims that caused this attack. It was one of extremism. Evil exists in every community – the world should recognise this. But the world must also live harmoniously together. Through faith and strength we can achieve this goal.

With ISIS claiming victory on Manchester, another militant group, known as Maute, linked to the terrorist group have strikes attack on the Phillipene Marawi City. Civilians have been urged to stay indoors. ISIS flags have been raised in several areas in the city including hospitals, government establishments and police cars. Women not wearing a Hijab are being taken away and several are injured. Whilst we send our support to Manchester we must also reach out and send it to the Phillipeanes at this terrible time.

The world needs you.

If you’re reading this, grab yourself a cup of tea and get a good night’s sleep. Know that tomorrow everything will be a tiny bit better. You must carry on and you have to put on a brave face and smile. Hug your friends and your family – hug a stranger.

Fight back with love and stand united together. 


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