Rehearsals: Week 2


With rehearsals now under way for our end of year production ‘The Dreaming’, the show is really coming together. Characters have been established and songs have been brought to life. Just 10 days in, we’ve already created something we’re all extremely proud of.

This may all change however, as with any production changes are inevitable. Changes in blocking, in choreography or in characterisation. To me this is what makes it exciting. Sometimes you think ‘well what was the point in spending all those hours on doing it that way?’ but to me it’s all a part of the process. You can only get to where you need to be by starting off from the base of what you think should happen. It’s from this point on where the magic all happens. It’s here that you find new things and get to explore and play with what could be and what could work. With characterisation it’s all about finding your character tear through an element of truth in terms of the play and the outside world.

In my production, I will be playing the role of Walter Grubb, a butchers boy. He’s a member of an acting troop that will be putting on a play for Lord Julian. In the play he plays both a princess and the rear-end of a dragon. We were fitted for costume on Friday and the visualisation is incredible. Friday was also a day of choreography. We finally got to meet our choreographer, Matthew Cole, who choreographed 2 numbers for us. It was a long day but one well spent. In the play I will also be playing a Boy Woodlander (ensemble). It’s here where all the fun happens. There’s nothing I love more than being creative with a strong cast in an ensemble number. They carry the show, I believe, and in terms of backstory you’re entitled to a whole world of possibilities.

This week has been a lot more proactive than the first week had been, I feel a lot more comfortable in my roles and it’s just exciting to see it all come together and watch thee story unfold. I’ve been collapsing into bed every night as soon as I reach home, which is always a good sign of hard work. I lead the warmup on Thursday, introducing a series of fun corner exercises that I love doing to the cast. They really enjoyed it so I guess I shouldn’t rule out teaching dance as a future career opportunity. On Friday we created a massage train to relieve the strains of the week – this was much needed. But for now though, it’s time for a bit of relaxation as I enter into the weekend on my travels to Bristol. I do have my script with me to get the lines more embodied into my body and mind – no rest for the wicked I’m afraid.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend – have fun!

For more on The Dreaming click here.


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