Dealing with negativity


Negativity affects every single person throughout their life and its something we all have to go through in order to grow. We are at times our own worst enemy. We stop ourselves from putting ourselves out there and grabbing opportunities just because of our negative thinking and our self-doubt. It defeats us at times but we get through it eventually.

I’ve chosen a profession that is constantly open to negativity and criticism. Musical Theatre. You’re constantly under scrutiny – sometimes it’s a good thing but sometimes it’s very bad. The most important thing is how you deal with those negative criticisms in your life. In my experience the first thing is to accept, or rather acknowledge them no matter how hard-hitting they may be. Then you need to view them as an opportunity for change. You can recognise whether this is something you need to work on and grow from or you can filter out the negativity that you can’t change about yourself because after all an opinion is just an opinion. One person might love that same thing the other person hates about you. You can’t please everybody.

This is the same in everyday life. What’s really important is that you don’t become the victim and lose yourself in a world that’s trying to put you down at times. You can’t lose everything you believe in and everything that makes you YOU just to fit the expectation of others. Stay true to yourself. This is when you’ll be at your happiest.

There comes a point in life where you learn to step away from it all. You have to step away from the negative thinking and general negativity in order to enhance your own being. I’m a strong believer in – what you put out into the world or what you surround yourself with really does affect you and your life. If your constantly being weighed down by it all, even when it’s not your own problems its very easy to be involved in others when offering advice, sometimes you just need to take a step back and put your priorities first. Avoid it at all costs because it really can make you feel overwhelmed and it reflects in your actions and mood over time.

My message is this: Negativity is everywhere but that doesn’t mean you have to succumb to its web of weight. You can acknowledge its existence and choose to deal with it in a way that suits you. Whether it be acceptance for growth and critique or simply avoidance of drama and negative thinking, replacing it with positivity and mindfulness.

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14 comments on “Dealing with negativity”

  1. Great post, George. Negativity is indeed everywhere, but you can, as you’ve discovered CHOOSE to ignore it. Some insights will be helpful for you in the music industry, some will definitely not. In time you’ll gain more confidence and be able to handle it. Stay brave. Stay Wise. Stay Happy.

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    1. Whenever something awful happens in my life, I can always count on my father to remind me that this too shall pass. The words always feel like such a cop out. And yet it always does. Pass. Somehow. Maybe just writing about it here will help in the healing process and allow you closure.I am still here. Just as before. Abuse my shoulder anytime you want. xoxox.


  2. Love this post as I always spread against negativity and advocate positive thinking. Negativity will be always be glaring at us but it is important to understand we have the ability to see things differently…Good Vibes Only

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  3. This is such a great article. I’ve recently tried to work on how I deal with negativity, I tried letting some of it just go, and things just got a lot better. It’s so weird, but yeah, everything got better just by not sweating all the small stuff / negativities. Thank you for sharing this!

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