The lone ferret – journeys to South East Asia 

Do what makes you happy and I promise you; you wont regret it.


Conversing with friends over several vodka and oranges, last night ‘the lone ferret’ was greatly misoverheard (by myself) due to the powerful sound of music and chatter in the lovely land of Warrington. Whilst ‘The Lone Ferret’ wasn’t exactly what was said, it did spark an interest in my mind of those who seek to explore the wonders of life on their own. Solo. A task soon to be explored by myself this summer through South East Asia.

After constant set backs, I finally accepted the fact that I wasn’t going to be going to theatre school/ university, instead I wanted to do something that I also enjoyed doing – Travelling and Volunteering. I had my fair share of volunteering when I helped rebuild a playground for children in South Africa back in 2012. Ever since that trip I’ve been hungry for that same kind of experience when travelling. You do grow from it. So, after weeks of searching for programmes, I eventually narrowed it down to Camp Cambodia. A 3 week programme that immerses you into Cambodia culture helping both the locals and the environment. Here I’ll be exploring floating villages, teaching in local schools and orphanages and bathing and caring for elephants as part of a conservation programme over there. The plan was to explore further a field for longer but in August of last year I received news that I had been accepted into drama school so I had to cut my adventures short. That resulted in me opting to travel through Vietnam, north to south, for 3 weeks after the programme before heading home to make it in time for the start of my second year at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance.

(Image by Camp Cambodia)

In preparation for my trip I’ve found myself for hours on end reading blog posts on advice and tips for South East Asia. Each time I read a new post it makes me yearn to be on that plane ready for take off to my destination. I just can’t get enough. But with solo travelling there comes a fair bit of apprehension. A lot of the stuff I’ve heard people ask is what happens if things go wrong or aren’t you scared of being on your own? It’s the fear of the unknown really. But for me I’ve chosen to view the matter as an exciting opportunity for both growth and endless possibilities. In years to come we will all look back on our lives and think did I do enough and so, with that in mind, I’m going to try my best to be open to everything. These new experiences are what I will remember for the rest of my life and yes of course there will be the good ones and the bad ones.

BUT it’s ok to make mistakes on the road. The road is open and so am I.

I don’t want to look back on my life and say I wish I would have done this when I was younger or what would have happened if I had done this. Life is full of what if’s and if we don’t go out there a grab opportunities we will spend the rest of our lives asking these questions and that’s something I’m not prepared to do. Do not wait for that door to open, open it for yourself and create your own future by YOUR design.

This is something I’ve been putting into practice into my own life. Take this blog for example this all started because of my passion for writing and (talking about myself) jokes. But in moving away and creating a new life for myself it has been easier to talk about aspirations and dreams and my life and it’s been wonderful to see the responses that I have received since that very first post. For a few years now I’ve been interested in yoga and recently I’ve started attending weekly classes at Laban and it’s been the best thing I’ve ever done. I always feel replenished after the sessions. Even if its not as big of a change as moving to a new city or applying for that position in work you’ve worked so hard for, you can still create your future in the littlest things in life. Just by doing something that makes you happy. Take that time to have a break and look after yourself. Take that vacation you’ve been wanting to go on for years. Take that pottery class or photography class. Go to that audition or go to that acting class if its something you like doing. Do the things that interest you because that’s when you’ll blossom and shine.

But most importantly do it because you love it.

And that’s why I’m volunteering/travelling this summer. Because I love it. I love the people and I love knowing I can help their lives even if its just by having a conversation with someone in need. Do what makes you happy and I promise you; you wont regret it

Throwback Thursday: To the time where I taught these guys a few songs in South Africa 2012

And helped renovate their playground.


Expect a few blog posts this summer as I’ll be writing from both Cambodia and Vietnam.

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