When I awoke. (1 min read)

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Serenity. I’m in a state of bliss. Soothing blues fill my room. I am not alone. Today my mind is at peace. I’m content in knowing my thoughts are relaxed and going with the flow. I let the warm tea fill my mouth with happiness for in this moment I am happy. Happy knowing that my life has turned out well up til now and I intend to keep it on this route of contentedness. There’s so much to seek in this world and the life we lead. So many possibilities. So many opportunities. Ready for us to grab at them at any moment and that is exactly what I intend to do. So my message is simply this – Get out there. Be yourself. And let life lead your way.  There’s a whole universe out there; waiting just for YOU.

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1 comments on “When I awoke. (1 min read)”

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