Happy Mothers Day

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Today is a very special day. It’s Mothers day. A day where mothers all across the world should be showered with love and gratitude. This is something I believe we all could do a little bit more of every day. I’m not exactly innocent on this one. There have been times where I could have thanked her a lot more just for the little things in life like ironing my clothes to wear each week or putting the meals on the table every night. This is more so something I’ve become apparent to since living away from home. So guys, this is my mum. Karen.

“Mother: One person who does the work of twenty. For free.”

I recently came across this when looking for Mothers Day gifts – Imagine your life without your mother. What would be different? This is a thought that will always scare me. Losing one parent was hard enough, I don’t think I could go through that again and be ok, no matter how old I am when that happens. My Mum is without a doubt the strongest person I know. I’ll never even begin to be able to understand what she went through on the day she found my Dad. Or how she recovered from that. But, recovered is what she did. She lost the love of her life and there isn’t a day where she doesn’t miss him but she carries on each day for her family’s sake but I want you to know – you don’t always have to be the strong one. It’s ok to break down sometimes. We’ll all be here to pick you back up again. Just as you would for us. I can’t imagine not being able to pick up the phone and not being able to hear her voice or know about her day or mither her with mine before even asking how she’s feeling. I can’t imagine not having the conversations sat on the end of her bed with her telling me to “Stop winding Tilly up or get out of my room” or sat having a glass of wine on a weekend with her in the living room on a weekend when I am home. I can’t imagine her not being there to come and watch my shows or make me a cup of tea whenever I’m upset. My whole life would be different. Since being a single parent, my mum has done everything. She’s overcome a lot and still managed to keep everybody happy and a loving home. She’s made everything work because she’s had to even when she wasn’t always ‘working’ herself. She got through the heartache and grief and pulled through. I’m extremely proud to call you my mother.

The time we went ice skating even though she can’t ice skate that well.

With living miles away from home I miss her every day even if we do always have a good moan at each other but that’s because were both so similar in so many ways. I never gave her enough thanks over the years and I could have told her I loved her a lot more and for that I’m sorry but deep down I love her more than I will ever be able to describe. I look up to her in so many ways and respect her so much. We all do. She’s the voice of reason even if we don’t always know it at the time. She has done an amazing job with us all – if I do say so myself 😉 Dad would be applauding you to the heavens right now. She truly is the best person in the world. She’s my go to when in need of advice and always has my back.  She’s always there to run me around dropping me off at my friends’ houses or to pick me up from work or to pick me up when I’ve been out all night in Warrington. This is something I haven’t given you enough thanks for over the years. She was always there to cheer us on at sports day and be there for us at the parents meetings. She was there for my first day of school right the way through to my last dropping me off to collect my results. She was there to watch me in my first nativity right the way through to my last Show at Priestley College. She has and always will be there.

So take today to enjoy yourself, take a nice long hot shower because I know you don’t like baths that much and enjoy the day ahead. Today’s all about you. You’re one of a kind and I wouldn’t change you for the world. Thank you for being you, you’re the most beautiful woman I know, inside and out. I LOVE you to the moon and back xxx

14 reasons I LOVE YOU

I LOVE you because you nurtured me since the start and will continue to do so as I grow.

I LOVE you because no matter how tired you are, you still make time to put us first – even if we don’t always know it yet.

I LOVE you because when things get tough you soldier on – an attribute you have passed on to me.

I LOVE you because you always let me sneak stuff in the shopping trolley and pretend you never noticed.

I LOVE you because you always pick up the phone when I need you the most.

I LOVE you because you always worry about me and ask how I’m doing.

I LOVE you because you’re a fantastic Mum and a wonderful Nan.

I LOVE you because you gave me my voice. I got it from the best.

I LOVE you because you introduced me to some of the best femae artists I have ever heard and you always let me steal your karaoke songs.

I LOVE you because youre the most hardworking person I know and have been all your life – a bit like me (unlike the others lol.)

I LOVE you because you always have a spare birthday card whenever I forget to buy one for my friends.

I LOVE you because without you my whole life would be a mess. You’re the stability in my life and I will ALWAYS need you.

I LOVE you because you always believed in me and did everything you could to help me reach my dreams.

I LOVE you because you are my mother and I wouldn’t have you any other way.


P.S. Fellow readers, every once in a while remind your mum that you love her. She brought you into this world and gave you all of her love and always will do. No matter how old you get you’re still somebody’s son or somebody’s daughter so take the time to repay her for all she’s done. You wouldn’t be here without her. Have a great Sunday.


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