The Jazz Cafe 31/01/17

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Coming home after a long day of what I can only say was hard work and creativity, I was greeted with the arrival of a gift. A gift that came in the form of a ticket. A ticket into Camden’s very own, newly revamped ‘The Jazz Cafe.’

Leaving the flat with my flatmate Stef we were full of excitement. This was the first time, for either of us, going to a Jazz club. Stef came up with a business proposition – due to there not being any form of this styled venue back in Hong Kong she wants to make a coffee shop by day meets a jazz club by night. Whether these dreams will become reality is another story. But a girl can dream. And so she must. Mustn’t we all? Arriving at the destination we were greeted by rain and cold weather. But this was short-lived due to the gentleman who offered us an umbrella whilst we queued. The night ahead was looking one of class. And class is exactly what we got.

Making our way to the cloakroom the bricked walls were quite narrow and mysterious. But this all added to the atmosphere of the club. Heading back up the stairs we emerged onto the dance floor. The stage was directly in front. The instruments were already set up and the lights were shining brightly. It was a rather small area but it gave off a really intimate setting that was perfect. There were two bars either side of the floor and people were crowded round them both. Heading to the bar there were a group of well dressed individuals. They really did look the picture. Very 1940’s and their personalities exuberated this. It was quite refreshing to see, you wouldn’t expect that attire in a normal club, it was different and it was special. Myself and Stef were mesmerised by their appearance we felt like we were back in the actual era of jazz and the blues. We met up with two of Stef’s friends at Kings, Audrey happened to be a jazz enthusiast. Gazing up at the dimly lit room we saw people of all ages dining upstairs at cute little tables. It would be perfect for a date. The ambience was full of warmth and as was the people. That was the best pet about this place. People of all ages were there and they were all having a great time. This is definitely a place I’d take my grandparents and mother.

The evening consisted of a lot of music and a lot of dancing. This swanky club allowed me to let loose in the funnies way possible. The music was uplifting and the act was incredible. Her name was Madeline Rose Witney. She sang a lot of the ‘Jazz classics.’ Whilst I didn’t know many I recognised a few it was a really fun experience. She even sang a song I was preparing to sing in acting through song the next day –  Blue Moon.

Here’s a sneak peak.

Immediately I had to text my friend, Amy, who also has a passion for jazz music and does a fantastic cover of ‘At Last.’ She was envious of my outing. I’ve promised to visit there soon with her. This all came about on a. Last minute change of plans, whilst I was going to be spending the night reading, tucked up in bed with a cup of tea like the Grandad I am, instead I was out dancing my little legs and worries away. This was a brand new adventure myself and Stef went on and I’m so glad she convinced me to go. There will be many more trips to this place in the future if I have my way.

If, like me, you’ve moved to a new city I’d suggest exploring it as much as you can. Go out there and have fun finding new treasures and secret spots in life. You might miss that opportunity if you don’t explore it now. Be free. Go crazy.

But for now though here’s some more footage of the nights event.


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