Lizzie Musical UK

On 23/02/2017 I had the opportunity of obtaining free tickets to a new show off the west end during it’s previews. It was day 2. I’d never been to the Greenwich Theatre before, it’s so close to where I’m living as well. There’s a nice little social hub area before you take your seats were people were conversing over wine and gin and tonics. It felt quite fresh and vibrant in a social way. With music by Steven Cheslik-DeMeyer and Alan Stevens Hewitt, lyrics by Steven Cheslik-DeMeyer and Tim Maner and book by Tim Maner, Lizzie is based on an original concept by Alan Stevens Hewitt and Tim Maner. This new production comes to London following a run at the Frederica Teater, Denmark in January 2017.

Taking our seats we were greeted with this view.

Immediately you could recognise the rock elements to the show. It was exciting. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a ‘rock’ show before. I went in knowing nothing other than recommendations from friends informing me that the singing was phenomenal. This is one of my favourite things about not knowing anything about a show because you go in not knowing what to expect. You either leave inspired or leave disappointed.

The latter on this occasion wasn’t an option for the night. The actual structure of the show was set out in more of a Rock concert setting as opposed to a rock musical and I think this is one of its greatest selling points. It gets people interested in the show and it’s definitely something to talk about. I don’t think it would have worked if it was staged similarly to most musicals. At the interval it was definitely a topic of conversation between myself and my friends. I was enticed from the moment the show started.

The music was electrifying and the vocals were insane. It’s one of them shows where the lyric drives the plot line and so you find yourself listening extensively to the lyric which in essence draws you in much more. The lighting that was used really caught your eye, it complimented both the music and story line, capturing your gaze at just the right times through a quick flash of fluorescent bright white lights to deep orange tones throughout.

The show tells the story of Lizzie Borden. An American woman who found herself in the middle of a murder trial in the hot summer of 1892, in small New England city – Fall River, Massachusetts. The murder victims were her father and step mother. This at the time became a media sensation that got hundreds of people speculating and her story has become an American Legend. It’s bold and it’s mysterious. The whole show is captivating.

For the first 15 minutes of the show I was sat like the reserved theatre goer I am with a gentle tapping of the foot making sure that I wasn’t distracting anybody too much but by the end of the second half I was bobbing and ‘rocking’ away uncontrollably. Okay not exactly rocking but still you get my point. The music is incredible. It has such a different quality to other shows I’ve seen at present. Lizzie is such an interesting concept.

I think that the beauty of the story is that you watch it unfold before your eyes through Lizzie’s kind of distorted way of life. The more Lizzie is entrapped by her own mind the more the story goes into somewhat of a state of frenzy. Watching this take place on stage is mesmerising. Bjorg’s performance is impeccable and the other three leads are all on par with her performance. I couldn’t fault any of them – each were different in their own way, often complimenting each other as well as contrasting with each other.


The cast and creative were absolutely incredible and I got the chance to take part in the Q&A session after the show. Here’s a link to a live feed I posted to my Facebook. Lizzie Q&A  (not the best quality I apologise)

In the session they talked about how the show has been created and the different versions that has been produced over the years. This version featured an incredible international cast – Bjorg Gamst as Lizzie, Bleu Woodward as Alice, Eden Espinosa as Emma and Jodie Jacobs as Maggie.

What was really nice to see was 4 amazingly strong women up there on the stage kicking some ASS, especially with the situation that’s going on at the moment across the pond and across the globe really. It felt very relevant and the use of rock music complimented this. It was a rebellion on stage. I loved every single moment of it and it was thrilling to watch.

My favourite moments have to be the love story between Alice and Lizzie, Jodie Jacobs fantastic comedic portrayal of Maggie and my favourite songs would be – This Is Not Love, If You Knew, Maybe Someday, Will You Stay and Mercury Rising.

If you do manage to get any spare time on your hands I implore you to go and see this show. It is incredible. And please let me know what you think also.

Lizzie runs at the Greenwich Theatre until 12/03.2017.


Photo Credits – Soren Malmose

Auditions and why I decided to turn down my offer at Urdang

Yesterday, I was involved in helping out at my drama school’s audition process. A process, I, myself was involved in this time last year. It’s crazy to think how fast it’s all came around. I remember my auditions so clearly. Looking at the auditionees yesterday reminded me of those same feelings I was experiencing last year.

Nervous, driven and determined – I wanted to do well.

I had a few friends with me at the audition on my particular day at Laban – shoutout to Lauren Gibbon and Tara Moore.

My audition at Trinity Laban

Upon entering the audition room we proceeded to get warmed up to Vicki’s famous music mix which consisted of the Pussycat Dolls and Dreamgirls ‘One Night Only’. It involved a lot of cardio, stretching and a hands/arms movement that to this day I still get wrong. We learnt exercises from the corner and then mastered a routine, later in which we would have to perform it to the panel and the sea of people auditioning.

After completing this we went onto learning a short snippet of ‘Twenty Million People’ from My Favourite Year. In small groups we had to improvise a scene prior to the musical interlude. Next came our first choice song. I had been suffering from a persistent cold during most of my auditions and I just so happened to have chosen a Tenor’s song for my auditions despite being more of a baritone in vocal range. So when I did get up to sing I was constantly thinking – DON’T FUCK THIS UP.

My voice just wasn’t at the level I had hoped it to be on that particular day. However I proceeded on to the next half of the audition. Myself and the panel alone. This was where I got to showcase everything I had prepared. Two contrasting songs, a solo dance piece and a monologue. I started with my monologue which was about a drunk Russian on a train explaining his life. I even brought in a hipflask with me 😉 Next was my song – I was told to get angrier and my acting teacher, Helen, got up with me and work-shopped the song making me box with her. It was another one of those moments where the room was spinning and I felt free.

Then came my dance solo – a contemporary dance choreographed by myself to ‘When the tears fall’ by Tim Hughes. At this point I was majorly out of breath but the panel continued to ask me questions, I had to briefly stop, twice for water but I answered them all eventually. I just remember it being a really good day in general, I liked the atmosphere, the location and the people. so I remained optimistic. Out of all of my auditions Trinity Laban was the place that I got to workshop my material the most.

This was exactly the reactions I saw from the people auditioning yesterday. They looked like they were having an amazing time. Being on the other side this time round was crazy. It gave me an insight to how I was actually marked based on my audition and all the different factors that contribute to it being a YES or a NO. It was a great learning experience for me, I got to look at the different features within performance through others that didn’t quite work and relate them to my own performance. Physicality is a big thing and how one presents their self to a panel is another factor that can contribute to you either getting a place or not. It was eye-opening. I’m glad I helped out.


Speaking of auditions, two weeks ago I received an email from the Urdang Academy inviting me back to a funding audition this year. Last year when going through the process I decided to defer my place at the academy for financial reasons, so technically, if I wanted to, I could start at their institution either on the diploma course as they originally offered me or on the degree in September of this year. For the past two weeks I’ve been weighing up the pros and cons of going, or not, to try out the funding audition again.

My original idea was – why not, its free and it would be good to get more of an inclination as to how they feel about me? On the other hand my brain was debating like crazy analysing whether or not it would be a good idea and what I’d actually gain from it. I already have my place on my 3 year degree at Trinity Laban and I’m absolutely loving it so why would I want to jeopardise that? Urdang, like Trinity, was one of the schools that gave me a fuzzy feeling inside when auditioning there, I really did enjoy it and the glimpse of training I experienced on that day. When I received the email it got my heart feeling excited all over again  and so in order to make sense of it all I confided in my friends and past teachers on the matter.

Urdang is an exceptional school and I am by no means slating it but when thinking things through thoroughly I decided to decline the opportunity to audition there again. I’ve settled in well here at Laban and feel as though it’s the best choice for me, who I am and what I hope to achieve at the end of my 3 years. I guess you have to trust your gut and trust the information it’s giving you.

But for now though its back to my Valentines Day plans – Palentines: Sharing Valentines with your Pals. A concept thought of by a few of the second years who have invited us all round to their home for an evening of games and wine. Have an amazing evening everybody and good luck to all you auditionees out there. Shine like the stars you’re destined to be.

NOTE: The featured photo is a shot from when I was dancing at the Jellicle Ball. I felt it was appropriate for the stagey topic of this post.


“Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt.” William Shakespeare : Measure for Measure.

It’s that time of year again. Yep you guessed it. Shakespeare assessments. The two words that makes half of the class leap for joy and the other half want to crawl into a cave and hide. I happen to be on the latter half’s side on this one. To me Shakespeare is like another world – a territory I cautiously tread on. This is because of the expectation of what a Shakespeare performance should be. Or rather what I feel it should be like. A thought I never live up to in my acting when putting it on its feet or rather that I think I don’t. There’s just something about it that puts me on edge. I can’t quite explain it. I feel as though some people are naturals to the art that is Shakespeare and I’m one of the kids that is trying my best to get up to that level.

Despite all this, I actually quite like the work of his that I’ve explored and seen for myself – Merchant of Venice, Macbeth, Othello, King Lear and The Winters Tale. Probably quite limited next to all you thespians out there but I’m hoping to expand my knowledge of his work in the future. His language and writing is brilliant and I would never want to argue otherwise but I think because of this, it gets me scared into fearing the unknown as it’s not a language I’m comfortable with or used to. I also get scared of how to treat the language and I’m always in doubt as to whether I’m actually treating it and applying the knowledge behind it correctly. But I guess the more I try, the more chances I will get to explore and find the right way naturally on my own making it much more real in every essence.

I think most people get nervous around Shakespeare’s work due to the fact you can’t downplay anything! You’ve got to pay attention to every single little detail and upward inflection in order to fit the requirements of his work and get the recognition you so desperately want. In today’s society we have a tendency to downward inflect and not use all of the language and text of the playwright as well as we should do and partly this can be due to the way it’s written, more so in more recent playwrights, but more so the way we choose to act as an actor. This is something I’ve picked up on in my singing lessons whilst training here at Trinity Laban. My singing teacher, Peter Knapp, always tells me off for not carrying my voice through to the end of the sentence. I tend to start off strong and let my voice weaken towards the end instead of driving the voice through more to the end. The lyrics get lost and this is similar to what not to do when approaching Shakespearian text. But I think knowing this now will help me rectify my mistakes when approaching the text in my lessons.

The one thing I love about exploring Shakespeare is the opportunity to delve into the theoretical side of the craft and this is something I enjoy the most. The theory behind the practice. Now, I guess you could say my main worry is the fear of going wrong or whatever my perception of wrong is. But having found out the play I will be focussing on – ‘As you like it’ I’m excited to see what happens and how to make this character work for me in my own way! Whilst I only have 4 weeks to do this on, give or take, I’m ready to jump in and conquer it. So with that, I bid thee farewell on this present day.

The Jazz Cafe 31/01/17

Coming home after a long day of what I can only say was hard work and creativity, I was greeted with the arrival of a gift. A gift that came in the form of a ticket. A ticket into Camden’s very own, newly revamped ‘The Jazz Cafe.’

Leaving the flat with my flatmate Stef we were full of excitement. This was the first time, for either of us, going to a Jazz club. Stef came up with a business proposition – due to there not being any form of this styled venue back in Hong Kong she wants to make a coffee shop by day meets a jazz club by night. Whether these dreams will become reality is another story. But a girl can dream. And so she must. Mustn’t we all? Arriving at the destination we were greeted by rain and cold weather. But this was short-lived due to the gentleman who offered us an umbrella whilst we queued. The night ahead was looking one of class. And class is exactly what we got.

Making our way to the cloakroom the bricked walls were quite narrow and mysterious. But this all added to the atmosphere of the club. Heading back up the stairs we emerged onto the dance floor. The stage was directly in front. The instruments were already set up and the lights were shining brightly. It was a rather small area but it gave off a really intimate setting that was perfect. There were two bars either side of the floor and people were crowded round them both. Heading to the bar there were a group of well dressed individuals. They really did look the picture. Very 1940’s and their personalities exuberated this. It was quite refreshing to see, you wouldn’t expect that attire in a normal club, it was different and it was special. Myself and Stef were mesmerised by their appearance we felt like we were back in the actual era of jazz and the blues. We met up with two of Stef’s friends at Kings, Audrey happened to be a jazz enthusiast. Gazing up at the dimly lit room we saw people of all ages dining upstairs at cute little tables. It would be perfect for a date. The ambience was full of warmth and as was the people. That was the best pet about this place. People of all ages were there and they were all having a great time. This is definitely a place I’d take my grandparents and mother.

The evening consisted of a lot of music and a lot of dancing. This swanky club allowed me to let loose in the funnies way possible. The music was uplifting and the act was incredible. Her name was Madeline Rose Witney. She sang a lot of the ‘Jazz classics.’ Whilst I didn’t know many I recognised a few it was a really fun experience. She even sang a song I was preparing to sing in acting through song the next day –  Blue Moon.

Here’s a sneak peak.

Immediately I had to text my friend, Amy, who also has a passion for jazz music and does a fantastic cover of ‘At Last.’ She was envious of my outing. I’ve promised to visit there soon with her. This all came about on a. Last minute change of plans, whilst I was going to be spending the night reading, tucked up in bed with a cup of tea like the Grandad I am, instead I was out dancing my little legs and worries away. This was a brand new adventure myself and Stef went on and I’m so glad she convinced me to go. There will be many more trips to this place in the future if I have my way.

If, like me, you’ve moved to a new city I’d suggest exploring it as much as you can. Go out there and have fun finding new treasures and secret spots in life. You might miss that opportunity if you don’t explore it now. Be free. Go crazy.

But for now though here’s some more footage of the nights event.

"Believe you can and you're halfway there"

For those of you who don’t know who said this quote it was Theodore Roosevelt Jr. Theodore served as the 26th president of the United States of America in the years 1901-1909. Scholars rank him as one of the greatest presidents the country has ever had.

But lets not make this into a history lesson now shall we.

Instead lets focus on the words used in this quote and the relevance it has to me and the impact I feel it has on many. Now, belief is such a wide area of topic to focus on and can come in many forms whether that be religious or not. In my case, belief has a lot to do with one’s state of mind and spirit. Believing in something can give you the utmost rush of joy whilst at the same time fill you with thoughts of doubt and worry. When you want something so badly you cant help but be blindsided to the things that matter the most. You’re not always level-headed. I’m sure all of us at some point in our beautiful lives have put so much effort into something all at one time but in reflection, when looking back we realise it wasn’t worth it after all. However in regards to the quote, belief means a whole different thing altogether. Something we all, at some point, have struggled with. And that is believing in oneself.

This is sometimes the hardest thing to do. Sometimes just the inability to progress and move forward puts you in a place where you’re left asking Why? What more can I do? Why isn’t this working for me? Why can’t I just let go? Am I good enough? These are all questions I’ve asked myself and I think every performer has their own set of questions they ask themselves in every class. I feel as though these questions daunt on me mostly in my acting classes. I have always said that this is the discipline I have the least confidence in and this is the one I try my hardest in, in order to get better. Despite the grades I’ve received in the past there’s just something inside of me that knows or rather tells me I’m the worst at this discipline. I guess knowing this is detrimental to my learning as if I keep acknowledging these thoughts and telling myself ‘yeah it is my worst one’ then these feelings aren’t ever going to go away. All I can do is try to flip them around or turn them off. But this is a lot easier said than done. I honestly don’t know why I have these thoughts because I know that I can act. That was meant in the least arrogant way possible, I promise. But for some reason I’m stuck on this cruel cycle that just keeps repeating itself over and over. When you lack self-confidence in anything you do you’re left knowing you could have done more or better. Over time I know this will get easier to manage but, with 3 more years to go I’m ready to keep on fighting and come out on top. A whole load of people experience performance anxiety and sometimes it can be the scariest thing in the world. It stops you from going out there and getting that job you want or experiencing different things and trying something new. You get comfortable, when really you should be throwing yourself out there. It happens in everyday life. We all suffer.

What I will say is that this has gotten a lot easier to manage now that I’m in higher education. Before coming here I said to myself ‘Right. Leave your old worries behind you and step up your game. They’re only going to get in the way in the long run so its best leaving them behind now.’ This is something I have to remind myself on the odd occasion. It’s usually when working towards acting monologues and so forth. Don’t get me wrong I do love acting but I’ve always found myself taking more of a lean towards the theoretical side to the craft. I like to sit out, watch, and give my suggestions. However when I do get these moments of doubt I like to close my eyes, conjure up my ball of stress and worry and panic in my hands and then throw them away. A technique my acting teacher, Abbie Rippon, showed me before starting improvisation lessons back at college. This has stuck with me and I’ve found it really helps. But when I can’t do that, in fear of looking like a psycho in front of my peers around me, I similarly close my eyes, inhale and say to myself in my head ‘Fuck it’ (pardon my french) and get on with doing what I’m doing. This always leads to me doing my best work and its a trick that’s helped me thus far. This sensation makes me feel like I’m flying, soaring across the air. I just forget about looking like a loon and I’m totally in the moment of just doing and creating without really putting too much thought into it. I find that when I over think and over analyse my work starts to plummet. I get myself worked up and it’s not healthy.

Last term we were working on duologues and this was the perfect boxing match for myself and my doubt. But like everything in life, I overcome it. I remember one of my last few rehearsals at Laurie Grove, a few days before my actual assessment. Helen was pushing and pushing and pushing me to find more of a sense of my character. At the time I was confused and lacking in confidence shall I say, but I’m glad she kept at it. She took me by the hands and spiralled with me around the room telling me to close my eyes, it was just me and her; everyone else disappeared, all the while asking me to find my character through my breath – something that was relatively new to me in an acting sense. There was something so magical about this moment that I’m really grateful for. Whilst spiralling there were, for a brief moment, glimpses of me just letting go and being free almost. It felt like I was teleported to a room where everything was white and serene. It was like being in a meadow full of daisies and greenery being 5-years-old again playing without a care in the world. I was lost but in a good way and when she finally let go of my hands allowing me to find my feet and embody the character through my senses, text and physicality I found it really helped me get to know this person and become him. This was another of those ‘fuck it’ moments but without my mantra so to speak. My mind was calm and at peace and I just went with it. It was beautiful. To me anyways. Whilst this may not work for you, it certainly worked for me.

You’re probably thinking I’m a nutter right?

What I’m really trying to get at is, just have the faith to say ‘yes I can do this’ and go with it. Let go of all inhibitions prior to that moment and leave them at the door. Having someone who believes in you even when you don’t always believe in yourself shouldn’t ever be disregarded. Thank that person. So Helen, if you’re ever reading this thank you. But when you do finally believe in yourself, like I did 5 minutes before my call, you’re already halfway there. What is left is the trust in yourself to know that the hard work and commitment you’ve put into this piece for weeks pays off. Like with anything in life, you have the power to shape your future, if you don’t take the risks and you don’t believe in what you can do, you’ll never get the chance to fly. It has to come from within. Its inside of us all. You can do it.

 Yes, that is me and yes I am flying..

Orbs.. is this really happening??

WARNING: This post is not for the faint hearted. 


But seriously what I’m about to tell you is on another level of FREAKY.

This is a topic I’ve openly talked about to both my friends and family. Some looked at me like I was crazy and some didn’t. Thanks to those who didn’t. It all started about 3 years ago. I lost my dad through suicide a year earlier. Before my dad took his own life, we were having our 2nd extension done on the house. It was only  after his death that it was completed and one of the rooms being built was my current room. A few months after his passing the house was finished and I could finally move in. During my healing process I liked to stay up late and talk to my dad, call me crazy but it helped me grieve. During the first few months it mainly consisted of questions of WHY? I didn’t understand why he did what he did. To this day I still don’t really know and I don’t think I ever will. But as time has moved on I find myself asking that question less and focusing more on the years we had and the memories I now hold close to my heart. So yeah little old crazy me talked to ghosts. Basically. It wasn’t much of a conversation considering there was no one on the receiving end.

Or so I thought.

About a month into conversing with the spirits I noticed a slight change in presence. It was eerie and weird. Scary at times too. I’m naturally a night owl so my sleep pattern is not the best. I often fall asleep around 3am and wake up at 7:30/8 AM. As the clock ticked away I was trying my best to get to sleep. With my head on my pillow I felt restricted, almost as if someone was pinning me down. I couldn’t move. My breath shortened and my head was suffocating in towards the pillow. Eventually this stopped. Not knowing what the hell had just happened, I turned to Google for some help.

Sleep paralysis.

Sleep paralysis is a temporary inability to move or speak that occurs when you’re waking up or falling asleep. 

I thought I was mad. Was my imagination fooling me? If this had happened only once I would completely say it was my mind just playing tricks on me but ever since that day I often experience the same sensation at night. Now, I’m a big fan of horror movies. I’m the type of person who can watch a scary movie on my own at 2AM and be totally fine so this was on some next level shit.

My most recent experience was horrific. Over the years I’ve managed to get quite good at deflecting the ‘bad spirits’ as I like to call them. But this time was proving more difficult to do. It was around about 2AM and I’d just finished watching a movie and decided to hit the pillow. Not a success. 4AM – still awake. As I closed my eyes I felt someone’s breath above me. I kept my eyes closed hoping that it would go away. It didn’t. I could see black shadows flying all across my room some had faces. I often see an old woman aka ‘The Witch.’ Don’t get me wrong, she might be a nice lady but she doesn’t half terrify the living day out of me. I guess that’s her job though right?

Do you think I’m crazy yet?

Honestly I’m not. Statistics say that sleep paralysis is very common in young adults. Until you’ve actually experienced it I can’t begin to explain how frightened you feel in that moment. Anyways back to the tale. The shadows kept getting closer and closer towards me so I opened my eyes. The room was silent. Phew. I was alone. Returning to my slumber I was immediately attacked. I felt choked. I couldn’t speak. I was lost for words. Literally. About 15 seconds had past and I slowly manage to say ‘Leave me alone!!!’ This was physically impossible to say and took me a long, long, longgg time. It had a stutter like quality to it. But after saying that the spirit/s vanished. Freedom at last.

If any of you readers out there have watched any horror movies, you’ve most probably watched the Insidious films. Elise often says that once you open the door for one spirit they all start to come on in. The good and the bad. This is a thought I’ve held onto ever since it started happening. This all started when I started reaching out to my Dad and I’m left wondering is there any truth to what Elise said or is my imagination tricking me? Fearing the worst, one day I lit up some incense and some candles and cleansed my room asking the spirits to leave me in peace. I didn’t mean them any harm and I’m sure they didn’t mean me any. Who knows maybe they’re just lost souls hoping to find their light?

Which brings me on to my next experience. With the darkness comes the light. Personally I’m a bigger fan of the light in this instance. I was home for Christmas break and like many nights I was up really late. For some reason or another I couldn’t get to sleep and the clock was nearing 4AM. But my tired eyes needed their rest and in a split second my vision was hazy. After closing my eyes I saw a green light illuminating my pupils. I opened them. The light was still there. I couldn’t believe it. I stared some more and there it stayed. It quickly started to multiply this time with red dots of light. It was all happening above my head. I sat up and tried to grab the light. It disappeared. About five seconds passed and it made it’s comeback. Instead of aggressively grabbing it I proceeded to gently reach out and touch it. There was a field of energy radiating around us and it was getting stronger. After about 30 seconds the energy was overwhelming and then I felt it. It felt like touching another persons hand, almost like a high-five. I latched onto it for a few seconds and held this so-called ‘hand.’ I can’t explain how this happened or why this happened, I can only guess what this magical experience was.

I think a lot of what happened that night was due to me returning back home. I like to think that this particular experience was my Dad. That it was his way of reaching back out to me after all those years of me trying and failing. It was to show me, he is always with me and always will be and that I can depend on him whenever I need to. It was the best welcome I’ve ever received. Even if it was a bit crazy. Having 4 years to deal with my grief I’m finally at a stage in my life where I can say I’m ok with it. I’m over it. Yes I still cry occasionally and yes I miss and love him more than anyone can imagine but I now choose to think of when I will see him next. And that’ll be a long time, I’ve got to get old first. Him reaching out to me kind of consolidated this and my Nan always says ‘They won’t visit you if you’re not ready.’ She’s seen a lot of her passed family members when she’s walking around the house. She always tells me ‘You have more to be afraid of from the living than the dead.’ My younger sister, Tilly, was less than 2 years old at the time of his death however she still remembers a lot about him. She’s always been a clever girl for her age and initially when my mum found my dad she was in the car in direct view of it all. That night when we were all living at my Nan’s trying to make sense of it all, he visited her in her dreams. The next day she woke up and the first thing she said is – ‘It’s ok Daddy is in the sky.’ This is why I think there’s some truth into my experiences. They’re weird as hell but they happened.

I kid you not though. This happened to me again. Only this time it was after I arrived back to London. On my third night here I saw the same dots of light. It was special and I cried a lot that night. But my tears were ones of happiness. I needed the reminder that my dad is with me in everything I do. It was my beacon of hope. I’m a very independent person however I do miss home from time to time and as annoying as I am, I know they miss me. I guess this is his way of looking out for me. I’m truly blessed to have him as my guardian angel. I just hope he fights the baddies if they ever visit me again. I’m yet to experience the trauma here in London. Thank god for that.

But on that refreshing note I will leave you to enjoy the rest of your day, wherever in the world you may be.

PS. I’m not crazy I swear.

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