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Coming to London being the small town boy that I am has definitely opened my eyes up in regards to the outer world. There’s so much more to life than just that of your inner circles. Whilst still being employed at my old job for temp/holiday work I was now on the job hunt in London. I didn’t exactly know what I was getting myself into when I was applying for these jobs, I just knew it was event work and it should be fun. Or not, in some cases.

So after a few weeks of searching for the right company I bagged myself an interview for a hospitality and events company. The interview/training process was fairly straightforward and easy to complete. Upon getting the job immediately I was asked to work at a film premiere, I missed my opportunity with that one because I had plans later on in the evening. Nonetheless, shifts were available at the ready for whenever I wanted to work. I’ve worked in all sorts of places ranging from sit down dinners at The Roundhouse in Camden to Drinks and Canapés at the National Gallery to working private parties in beautiful homes and a few sports stadiums across the area.  Each were very, very different and over time my skills at clearing plates have become a lot more efficient. Safe to say I started knowing next to nothing, and whilst I still know next to nothing I feel like I’m a bit more equipped in party etiquette and fine dining. Hear, hear!

I think what is most important is how easy it is to actually get a job here. I’m the first to admit it’s not the best job in the world but it’s pretty handy working for an agency especially when you’re a musical theatre student because you can pick and choose when you want to work. I’ve met some really cool people working at the different places I have and quite a lot of them have been aspiring actors/students themselves. Which is another thing about living in the city, you will never be alone. Whilst some people hate the noise, I find it quite soothing knowing I’m surrounded by it. The ambience can be rather relaxing when you’re winding down, book in hand and a cup of tea on your bedside cabinet. You get lost in the moment and for me that moment is simply beautiful.

Coming to London I didn’t want to just live off my student loan, I guess I’ve just always wanted to earn my own money. That’s going back to the tender age of 13 when I had my first job. Drum roll please… A Newspaper Boy. This job lasted me until college (4 years) so I must have liked it for some reason or another. Every Wednesday the newspaper would be delivered to my house and I’d aim to have them distributed by the Friday but in most cases I’d leave them until Saturday. Shoot me. Every single Wednesday night I’d spend at least an hour pushing leaflets inside them and folding them up into my bright fluorescent yellow bag that sat nicely on a dark blue trolley. Tragic. Try traipsing it around dodging people you might know in the streets, so much fun I assure you. About a year into delivering I took on another round making a grand total of 325 houses. My mum was often called upon to help with the folding, and sometimes delivering, which she hated. I recall one summer I practically took on the round of the whole of my town, Runcorn. Myself and my twin brother, Jason, must have taken on at least 9 round between us both, all with varying house totals of 100 and above. It earned me a lot of cash though, at least at that age it seemed. I was glad when that summer was over. One time I just had had it with delivering newspapers, so I left my house saying goodbye to my parents and trotted off on my rounds. Or so they thought. What I had actually done was sneak off into my garden and chucked the newspapers over the fence. I thought I was a genius. Little did I know that my mum was watching me the whole time. Ashamed of being caught in the act, I was forced to retrieve them and follow through with my rounds. I returned home with feelings of despair, annoyance and guilt. But what was awaiting me was much worse. The dreaded two words. YOU’RE GROUNDED.

Ok, cut me some slack I was 14. I’m allowed to be dramatic.

Moving onto college; I decided to take a more pro active job approach. This was only temporarily though. I decided to combine my acting skills and put them to good use. It was October half term and I was now spending my nights in a field filled with scares and terrors. SpookyWorld. I’d go to work each night prepared to spook things up. It was my home for the next few weeks. CarnEvil was a dysfunctional household filled with creepy clowns, a ringmaster and crying spinsters. It was our job to ensure the guests had the fright of their lives. This was a really fun experience and I got to work with some old friends and some new friends. Shout out to you crazy people, it was a blast! However I do not miss the endless nights I spent afterwards sipping lemsip because of the loss of my voice from screaming all night.


Which brings me onto my next job; a job that I’ve grown to love and equally grown to hate. The joy that is fast food – Burger King to be exact. A job that I’ve kept for nearly 2 years now. With it being a new build I was with it from the beginning and so the warmth and family elements of the staff there is very much apparent and more importantly irreplaceable. I was sad to depart when leaving for uni, however returning there during the breaks and seeing my friends and coworkers (some old and some new) it was delightful. Kind of like I had never left.

But for now it’s back to my current job. After all my two trips this year aren’t going to fund themselves. Amsterdam, Cambodia and Vietnam here I come.

Until next time.


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