Day 1


Today marks the start of a new journey in my life. Whilst the chapter started all the way back in September of last year its only now that I’m finally ready to start documenting my life through a blog. So, what exactly can you expect to see from this blog? It’s day one.. the outcome is still a little hazy in my vision but most importantly I want to create something that can speak resonance with not only theatre students but any student in any realm of study. Moving to a big city has been fun but its also been quite daunting at times but that’s what makes it all the more exciting don’t you think? So think of this blog as a process, an update, a platform for myself to share my ideas, thoughts and aspirations. I think my next few posts are going to highlight a few nostalgic moments from last term and work their way towards present day, just so I can fill you in on what’s really been going down in what I like to call my happy little life.


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